Orchestra throws annual back-to-school bash


Samantha Natividad and Lilya Ma

Orchestra hosted their annual back-to-school bash on Friday. The social serves as a way to welcome in new members and foster connections between students.

Erika Pernis, Editor-In-Chief

Orchestra held its annual back-to-school social bash Friday at Frisco Commons Park to celebrate the start of a new school year. 

“We are so excited to host this event for our students to get to know each other,” assistant orchestra director Madison Waggerman said. “It’s a great way to welcome our new members to our orchestra family.”

The back-to-school social aims to create friendships and memories beyond the classroom.

“It is one of our biggest social events that everyone looks forward to,” orchestra president, senior Kritika Ramesh said. “We have food and fun games like a Tug of War tournament and snowball fight. Personally, it has been a favorite of mine since freshman year.”

Ramesh and the officer team have been working to put together activities and a schedule for the event, ensuring that members have a say in the planning.

“We construct a general outline of what is happening on an hourly basis and come up with game ideas that will appeal to our diverse demographic of orchestra members,” Ramesh said. “What’s great is that the members have an active role in planning, as well.”

Located in the center of the city, Frisco Commons Park provided orchestra members with a wide range of activities. 

“Everyone [was] just free to play on the playground or to take a walk around,” senior Samantha Natividad said. “Then, we also brought some games. l mostly like volleyball, soccer, badminton and such. And we just do a lot of big games as well for competitions.”