Taking part in creating a Texas tradition

Lauren Pratt

Lauren Pratt, WTV Producer

Floral Design students are experiencing firsthand what goes into a classic Texas tradition. For the first project of the school year, Floral Design classes are making their own homecoming mums and garters.

For many students, this project is a highlight of the year and sophomore Delila Bond is looking forward to it.

“I’m excited because I think that is gonna be a really cool project to try to do,” Bond said. “But I think it’s going to be really challenging but I think it’s good to push yourself. I think I’m gonna make a garter just because it’s smaller, less supplies. but I think I just want to push myself and try to look as professional as I can.”

Teacher Brittney Avant believes that the best part of the project is the culmination of the students’ hard work on Homecoming day.

“I personally love the end of the school day after Homecoming when the entire hall is covered with glitter and feather boas,” Avant said. “So even though our room is a bit of a disaster for a couple of weeks while we build these mums and garters, getting to see everyone’s creativity is my favorite part.”