Flu immunization clinics begin Monday in Frisco ISD


Michael Martin

Frisco ISD is hosting their annual flu immunization clinics. There will be a clinic at Liberty on Tuesday in the library.

Harley Classe, Editor-In-Chief

Frisco ISD began their annual flu immunization clinics Monday with hopes of making the flu vaccine more accessible to families in the district.

“I think it’s very valuable that the district offers them,” nurse Lindsey McDavid said. “I think it will hopefully help. You know, sometimes people will say that, you know, some years it works and some years it doesn’t. When the shot is made they [scientists] have to go based on their best guesses of what the common strain will be that year and what is already going around the world. Either way, whether or not it’s a good year or a bad year for the shot, I think it will definitely help.”

While only available on campus is limited to Sept. 7, these clinics will be open at varying times between Aug. 29 – Dec. 1, dispersed throughout the district.

“I don’t know the exact statistics on it, but because the district offers them [shots], I believe that since it’s offered and it’s super easy for people to get that they would just come by and get one really quick,” McDavid said.

Oftentimes, the effectiveness of the shot is debated by the public. However, McDavid believes no matter the case, families should consider the vaccine this fall.

“I would say everyone should get their flu shot,” McDavid said. “As long as the person has been told they should not have one, it would be a good idea. Usually, if someone can’t get it, it is for allergy reasons.”