Club applications open Thursday


Kate Graham

In order to have a club on campus, an application must be filled out. The window opens on Thursday and closes on Oct 14.

Athena Tseng, Editor-In-Chief

As students get settled into the new school year, clubs and extracurricular activities are starting. The process of applying for a new club will open on Thursday. All clubs will need to complete the application to be approved or be renewed for the new school year.

There are two types of clubs that students can start: curricular and non-curricular. Curricular clubs are campus and district affiliated clubs that participation counts as academic credit. While non-curricular clubs are not school-sponsored and can only meet during non-instructional time such as before and after school or during advisory.

There are dozens of clubs on campus that students can join and learn from.

“The main thing is that you can create a community,” junior Aaron Xu said. “Founding a club is where you have control of what you learn and it’s so different from what is in the classroom. I wanted to start a club to share my passion of business to others.”

All clubs will need a teacher sponsor in order to apply. The deadline for applications is on Oct. 14.

“In general, clubs just offer a little niche for everyone,” Xu said. “It feels like you have school spirit in something you are passionate about.”