Football suffers a loss to the Lions


Courtesy of @jhelmickphotography

Football retreats back to The Nest after losing to the Greenville Lions 42-31 on Friday. Despite the loss, many players believe the game was still a success.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

Playing Greenville in their first road game of the season, the Redhawks football team did not come out on top, losing 42-31 to the Lions in a non-district contest. .

“It certainly wasn’t the outcome that we desired, but we simply didn’t do enough good things to win,” head football coach Matt Swinnea. “We made some real progress in areas we needed to improve upon, but we still have a long way to go. There is no substitute for experience, and we are gaining that each week.”

Even though the Redhawks did not beat Greenville, sophomore Orin Gee believes the game was still a success as the team improved in many areas.

“I feel like we improved from last week, so I would call it a good game on both sides of the ball; can’t be mad at all,” Gee said. “Gotta give the love to our offense as we put up points as a unit but we didn’t shut down at all.”

Preparing for the start of District 6-5A Division I play against  Frisco High School on Friday, the team will be working on strengthening their defense as that is what they struggled with against the lions.

“Defensively we struggled, we just have to execute better,” Swinnea said. “It is difficult to overcome opponents and yourself. So we will be working on improving our execution and the fundamentals of blocking, tackling, leverage, and pursuit.  The keys are daily improvement, giving great effort, and better execution.”