Frisco ISD shows support for Uvalde students


Athena Tseng

Students in Uvalde CISD returned back to school Tuesday. Students across Texas, including in FISD, showed support for Uvalde students by wearing maroon and white. Support was also shown through the use of hashtags, such as #UvaldeStrong and #StandWithUvalde.

Athena Tseng, Editor-In-Chief

After the tragic school shooting on May 24, students in Uvalde CISD returned back to school on Tuesday, the first time back in the classroom after the massacre. To help show support for the Uvalde community, Frisco ISD along with other districts in the state, wore maroon and white. 

“To support Uvalde students and teachers going back after the mass killings is greatly important because it will help to boost morale as much as possible for them,” teacher Michelle Porter said.

For some Redhawks, the small action doesn’t just help the Uvalde community, but continues to raise awareness for school safety across the country and acts as a reminder towards the loss they endured.

“It also keeps the struggle in the spotlight,” Porter said. “The struggle being school’s safety as it becomes an ongoing challenge for all of us.”

The shooting has not only impacted Uvalde, but schools all across the nation.

“We might not have experienced the same tragedy as them, but it’s still important for us to understand the effect it had on their community and for us to find ways to show them that they’re not the only ones who want change,” senior Samantha Navidad said.

As the entire district came together to support Uvalde, it increased the amount of community in Frisco ISD as well.

“I just think that supporting them by wearing maroon and white is the least that we can do to say ‘we’re here for you, we’re not going to forget, and we are wishing you well,’” Porter said.