Featured Athlete: Davion Ferguson


JHelmick Photography

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 9/8 is junior Davion Ferguson. Ferguson is in his first year on the Liberty football team, after transferring from Plano East.

Mikya Irvin, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: How did you get started in football? 

Ferguson:  “I was just watching it on the tv one day when I was younger and wanted to try it”.

Wingspan: Who has been your biggest motivator? 

Ferguson: “Probably myself because I have been naturally athletic since I was a kid so I’ve pushed myself to become the athlete I am now”.

Wingspan: How has playing football impacted your life? 

Ferguson: “It’s helped me gain some of the friends I have now and it has helped me push myself more”.

Wingspan: Since our football team was pretty good last year, how do you feel like the pressure of upholding this makes you and your team feel? 

Ferguson:“I don’t feel any pressure personally because that was them last year and it’s a new year so now we get to show people what we can do”.

Wingspan: How is playing football here different from playing at Plano East?

Ferguson: “There really isn’t much of a difference besides the competition was harder at East”.

Wingspan: How do you manage to train daily and keep up with school? 

Ferguson: “Well that’s kinda hard because football takes up a lot of my time but I try to use some of my free time at home to study”.

Wingspan: What are you most excited for this season? 

Ferguson: “To get to play with new people this year since I wasn’t here last year”.

Wingspan: What is the hardest part about football? 

Ferguson: “How hard the coaches are on us because they expect a lot and we don’t wanna let them down”. 

Wingspan: Do you have any pregame superstitions? 

Ferguson: “I have to put on my left cleat before my right”. 

Wingspan: Who is the sports icon that has influenced you the most? 

Ferguson: “Jalen Ramsey because he’s the best corner and I also play that position so I’ve just looked up to him”.