School pictures taken Tuesday and Wednesday


Cooper Ragle

Seniors whom have not had their yearbook picture taken have the opportunity to get theirs taken at school Monday and Tuesday. Seniors are encouraged to check their email for more information.

Neha Ramachandran, Staff Reporter

Students are visiting the library during English classes on Tuesday and Wednesday but it has nothing to do with checking out books. Instead, it will be for school pictures that will be used in the 2022-23 yearbook and on student ID’s. 

All students, regardless of grade level, are being asked to take school pictures. 

“This year, seniors will also participate in picture day on campus for their IDs,” yearbook editor-in-chief Samantha Natividad said. “However, for their yearbook portraits, they’re going to have to wear a certain outfit and schedule an appointment with the studio and have their pictures taken.” 

Students enrolled in dual credit English programs can get their pictures taken before school or during advisory.