Debate prepares for first competition of the year


Advik Dixit

Debate is heading to their first competition Saturday at Princeton High School. One of the team’s main goals at the competition is to give new team members experience.

Erika Pernis, Editor-In-Chief

All three debate teams: Cross Examination, Lincoln/Douglas, and Extemporaneous are getting ready for their first competition Saturday at Princeton High School.

“Students have been preparing by writing affirmative and negative cases, working on rebuttals, engaging in practice debate rounds, and providing peer feedback in areas needed,” debate teacher Michelle Porter said.

With a fairly new team, a big goal is for new members to gain experience in competing.

“We have a completely new batch of debaters this year, since our seniors left,” junior Sindhuja Pannuri said. “I’m expecting at least a few wins, but more than anything I just want all the new kids to get that competition experience because no amount of time in the classroom can emulate that.”

Junior Shruti Bhoyar just hopes everyone gives it their all, regardless of the end results.

“When it comes to what I expect out of my teammates it’s just to try their hardest,” she said. “Especially for the new members it’s a hard adjustment and expecting wins for their first-ever competition is very unrealistic. For the older members, however, a competitive spirit is very much encouraged.”

With Saturday being the first competition for many members, debate teacher Michelle Porter hopes students gain a sense of areas in which they can improve.

“My expectations for this debate are that debaters will gain a strong sense of what they are doing well and what needs to be changed or improved,” Porter said. “In addition, I expect my novice debaters to gain a sense of direction and confidence as they navigate through their first debate.”