Bingo hits its mark

Joaquin Perez

Joaquin Perez, WTV Staff Reporter

Students filed into the gym.

The bleachers filled.

A volleyball game? Nope

A basketball game? Nope

This was something much bigger than a sport.

This was bingo.

“It was very intense because I only had two left on one of my rows, actually a bunch left on different rows,” freshman Emmanuel Jimenez Garcia said. “I was just really focused on getting those two.”

It was the same situation for the hundreds of students taking part in Tuesday’s bingo event sponsored by Student Council.

“I love the advisory events,” sophomore Sophie Paulk. “I think they are so fun. I think Student Council should definitely keep it up.”

Bingo was definitely one of the most successful StuCo events so far this year.

Students were on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear the letter and number called as they frantically scratched off their card, hoping to win.

Some had close calls but were denied.

Others would go on to win, only to be doused with a chorus of boos.

“It feels really good winning,” Paulk said.

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  • Student Council members Lily Leyden, Finley Lofgren, Mary Jane McCurdy, and Scott McCord (left to right) waited at the doors of the gym. They greeted students as they filed in to play bingo.

  • The gym filled up with students Tuesday as they all attended the bingo event. The event was another in what many students feel has been a successful series of advisory events.

  • With a blue letter and number tile waiting, senior Ethan Ashmore gets a round of Bingo started at Tuesday’s Student Council event.

  • In the middle of scratching out a number on her Bingo card, freshman Jaiden Harris takes a moment to talk to a friend during Tuesday’s Student Council event.

  • Using a notebook to help provide a flat surface, sophomore Joaquin Perez awaits the next letter and number combination to be called at Tuesday’s Bingo event sponsored by Student Council.

  • Student Council is bringing back a popular advisory event from last year, bingo. Students can enjoy the game Wednesday during advisory in the main gym.

  • Spinning out numbers quickly, this master Bingo scorecard helped Student Council members Jake Harvey and Matthew Bishop keep track of everything.

  • Hoping she hit a Bingo, freshman Lakshita Singh gets her card back from Student Council member Matthew Bishop as fellow Student Council member Jake Harvey looks on.