New Frisco Library comes close to completion


Brian Higgins

The Frisco Library started construction on a new location in 2021, and now it is coming close to completion. The new library has been constructed to meet the needs of the growing Frisco population,

Neha Ramachandran, Staff Reporter

Following years of planning, construction began spring 2021 to move the Frisco Public Library from George A. Purefoy Municipal Center to the Beal Building. After a few delays, the new library is nearly 85% complete and estimated to open this winter. 

“Our timing for completion is tied to being able to source a variety of materials, we’ve had nearly 6 to 9 month delays in receiving equipment,” Frisco Public Library Director Shelley Holley said. “It hasn’t been a predictable process because the supply chain has been unpredictable.”

Even through these challenges, the Frisco Library Team and director has worked diligently to coordinate with contractors and construction worker s to ensure timely completion of the new library. 

 “The library team is working to make sure the designers and the contractors know what our needs are for the new building and to the way it needs to function,” Holley said. “I personally attend weekly meetings where I meet and discuss design and construction issues and work together through challenges and oversee and ensure things going as planned.” 

The new library has been constructed with the intent to attract and meet the demands of larger groups of people. 

“The previous library was created to serve 60,000 people in Frisco, but Frisco currently has over 210,000 people,” she said. “We had just outgrown our current library and we needed a bigger space so we decided to repurpose an old rocket factory and create a bigger and better library to keep up with the new demand.”

The current library is sharing its space with City Hall. When they vacate from this establishment, City Hall hopes to expand. 

“City Hall is bustling at its seams, and needs more office space,” Holley said. “When we move out they can expand and build the office space they need.” 

The new library’s location, infrastructure, construction and design offers a variety of benefits for staff and guests.

“Since the place is much bigger and more modern, we can keep up with the current expectations for a library that includes innovative technology, more work space and rooms for citizens to use,” she said. 

This library will house a variety of innovative spaces, an enlarged book collection, and more interactive programs for students and children. 

“Students will also have greater access to areas for homework and learning, and we have a computer room with access to new modernized technologies and makerspace stations,” Holley said. “We have also developed a room designed for younger kids so that they have a bigger space and more access to hands-on learning.”

Sophomore Laya Mallina is thrilled about the expansion and contemporary technology expected to be in this library. 

“I’ve heard so much about it and I can’t wait to actually go there. I think they’re supposed to have open seating and various different sections,” she said. “I’m actually more excited for the aesthetic they’re bringing into it rather than the books.”