Football suffers against rain delays


Jason Helmick

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Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

In a rainy battle against Lebanon Trail the Redhawk football team fell short, losing 36-23 to the Trail Blazers.

“It was disappointing,” head football coach Matt Swinnea said. “I know the kids really fought hard. We had our moments, we had our chances, it just didn’t work out for us.”

Ahead 16-0 in the first quarter, the game was put on hold due to a lightning delay.

“One of the big challenges was that we jumped out on top, and then we had the first lightning delay,” Swinnea said. “We were really really excited, and the guys were jumping up and down and there was a whole lot of game left.”

With two more 30 minute delays later in the game, the team’s momentum was dampened according to Swinnea. 

“It was kinda like you had a 30-minute time out,” he said. “So we played a little bit and then we had to go in and sit, and then we would have to play a little bit and then go and sit. That just messes with momentum, it’s a big thing and it’s hard to keep that.”

But with one game left in the season, senior Will Jackson is trying to move his focus to the final game against Sherman High School.

“Getting a win is important of course because I’m a competitor no doubt, but there’s 1 more game so that’s where my energy is at,” Jackson said. “But I’m really just trying to enjoy the game.”