Featured Athlete: Ashley Zhang


Provided by Ashley Zhang

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 11/10 is varsity golfer junior Ashley Zhang.

Wingspan: “When did you start golfing competitively?”

Zhang: “I started golfing competitively and started golf my 8th grade year.”

Wingspan: “Why did you start golfing?”

Zhang: “I started golfing because my dad has always wanted me too and when I started giving it a try I actually loved it.”

Wingspan: “Who is your biggest inspiration?”

Zhang: “My biggest inspiration is success. It sounds a little weird but the only thing that gets me inspired to go out and play is to win and be successful.”

Wingspan: “What is your favorite part about golf?”

Zhang: “My favorite part about golf is the challenge of keeping my score low because golf is so unpredictable.”

Golf has taught me how to have integrity and good sportsmanship,

— freshman Ashley Zhang

Wingspan: “What is the most difficult part about golf?”

Zhang: “The most difficult part about golf is that it’s inconsistent and again unpredictable. We as golfers also have to walk up to 36 holes in a day which to put in perspective is like 10-12 hours of walking.”

Wingspan: “What has been your favorite golf memory?”

Zhang: “My favorite golf memory is crying on the drive home from state because the seniors were going to leave.”

Wingspan: “How has golf shaped you as a person?”

Zhang: “Golf has taught me how to have integrity and good sportsmanship. It also has made me a more patient person because on the course you have to be able to control your emotions to play well and to stay calm. That same skill applies to my life today and it’s what makes me, me.”