Videogame Volumes: Valorant Champions Tour


Vaughn Perez

In this weekly column, Wingspan staff writes about the gaming and esports community.

Vaughn Perez, Staff Reporter

After the release of the 30 teams that made franchising heading into 2023 Valorant Champions Tour, esports organizations went berserk trying to lock down the best team with the talent available on the field. The league went through “roster mania” with players being bought out, dropped, traded, and even moved across regions to find a new home. 

Organizations had to come up with creating a team of five main players and up to five extra players on their bench. And, after over two months, across three regions, organizations are finally announcing the teams they’ll be going into 2023 with and some have hit the mark, while others seem to fall a little short. 

Here’s my ranking of each organization on how their team ended up, from best to worst.


  1. Cloud 9
  2. Sentinels
  3. 100 Thieves
  4. NRG
  5. LOUD
  7. Evil Geniuses
  8. Furia
  9. KRU Esports
  10. Made in Brazil (MIBR)

Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

  1. Team Liquid
  2. Natus Vincere (NAVI)
  4. Karmine Corp
  5. Team Heretics
  6. KOI
  7. Giants
  8. BBL Esports
  9. Team Vitality
  10. FUT Esports


  1. DRX
  2. Paper Rex
  3. T1
  4. Talon Esports
  5. Zeta Division
  6. Global Esports
  7. Gen.G
  8. Team Secret
  9. Detonation Gaming
  10. Rex Regum Qeon

Now the first tournament to showcase these teams isn’t until Feb. which will be held in São Paulo, Brazil. I’m looking forward to it, especially with the rosters now released and I see where the best players landed. The main focus from this kickoff tournament is that we’ll see which teams have been able to mesh well since most are coming in with a brand new five man. 

Now for organizations and talent that couldn’t find their way onto a franchised team doesn’t mean that they’re fully out of playing. It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t make it to the main stage, but they get to play through the ascension league, however since only one team can make it to the main stage per region, the road will be extremely difficult.