Acoustic Avenues: a remastered moMINTs


Morgan Kong

In this weekly column, senior Emily Thomas provides her take on a new albums, concerts, and artists.

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

Even though Tobe Nwigwe released moMINTs back in August, Nwigwe returned with a sister album, moMINTs [AT THE CRIB VERSION], produced in the comfort of his own home.

The original album featured a very intricately produced hip-hop track list, with each song having a unique feel attributed to it. This new version of the album takes the same mood and tones the original song creates but is created in a very simply produced way from a musical standpoint. When fans hear that an album will be remastered, they may think it’ll be better quality featuring better music, but Nwigwe still accomplishes the success of a remastered album without relying on complicated production.

The album highlights Nwigwe’s musical talent with songs like “LORD FORGIVE ME [AT THE CRIB VERSION],” which are mainly Acappella with very few instruments to complement the voices, or “BEEN BROKE [AT THE CRIB VERSION]” that allows listeners to appreciate Nwigwe’s vocal range. Having produced this album, Nwigwe really shoots the ball out of the ballpark with this heartfelt album he made with his family.

I give this album an 8.5 for accomplishing what very few people have even attempted, forget succeeded at.