Dual Credit students take U.S. History EOC Wednesday


Brian Higgins

While students typically take EOC testing in the Spring, some are taking it in December. This includes juniors enrolled in Dual Credit U.S. History taking the U.S. History EOC Wednesday.

Athena Tseng, Editor-In-Chief

Usually STAAR testing takes place in the spring, however, the process will be different for dual credit students. Students currently enrolled in dual credit U.S. history will take the end-of-course STAAR test on Wednesday.

“They’re currently taking a Collin class the first semester and the content that they are covering in the first semester is the period of time that is tested mainly in the STAAR EOC,” testing coordinator Ashley Stipe said. “So regular kids that are taking it on campus cover that material more in the second semester.”

For some students in dual credit, this is a concern as they don’t want it to impact their score.

“I’m nervous not knowing some information because we didn’t learn it in Collin as we only had one semester,” junior Tayyaba Mazhar said.

However, some aren’t stressed and have come up with a plan to study for the exam.

“For preparation, I’m not stressing too much about all the content, I think I’m just going to look over my notes from our history class and make sure I’m aware of the important, notable events in the past,” junior Shriya Vedula said. “I’m just going to do a quick skim of my notes, and then hope for the best.”