Eagles ground the Redhawks


Pujan Shah

The boys’ basketball team improved their record in Distrcit 10-5A to 6-1 with a win over Emerson. They currently are ranked first in district, and aim to hold that position.

Vaughn Perez, Sports Reporter

Boys’ basketball made their way to Prosper High School Tuesday but fell short of the win, losing 53-49.

“We wanted to come away with the win, but even though we didn’t, there were a lot of good things from the boys’ performance,” head coach Stephen Friar. “The practice they’ve had has shown in this game, they were able to shut down well defensively in the third, but we needed to equally perform on the offensive side which didn’t turn out as we hoped.”

As the Redhawks round out their last non-district game before districts start next week, they know what to look at and improve on heading back into the lab.

“We were doing pretty good on both sides of the ball, just had some rough offensive possessions which didn’t lead to points, so we couldn’t capitalize as much as we wanted to,” senior Jake Harvey. “We have to start piecing everything together, we have a good defense, got to work a little bit on offense, but once we start meshing it we’ll be solid for the rest of the season.”