Redhawks feel the school spirit with upcoming Winter Formal


Brian Higgins

Redhawks are able to attend the inaugural Winter Formal on Saturday. The dance will be held on campus from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. and dress code is similar to that of Homecoming.

Christine Han, Staff Reporter

The inaugural Winter Formal will be held Saturday from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., in the gymnasium. Students planning on attending will be expected to dress similarly to Homecoming: formal short length dresses and suits. Tickets are available on OnlineSchoolFees for $25 or can be bought at the door for $30.

Junior student council member, Malia Willingham, hopes the hard work and dedication of the council will pay off for an enjoyable night. 

“In StuCo we just decided we wanted more school involvement,” Willingham said. “There was a break between homecoming and prom so I think it’s a good buffer. We have an event planner thats coming in and as StuCo we planned the spirit aspect of it. We’ll have a lot of winter wonderland themed decorations so it’s more decked out and we hope students have a great time.”

For seniors, the Winter Formal will be the last formal dance before Prom.

“Since I’m a senior this is going to be one of the last formal dances I go to aside from Prom,” Piper Dickson said. “I think every aspect of the dance is exciting. I’m just really looking forward to going out with friends, eating food, and enjoying myself. 

For junior Kayla Winter, the buzz around dances is the best part. 

“The best part about the school dances is the excitement around them, like the theme weeks, for example,” Winter said. “I decided to go to winter formal because my friends thought it’d be fun, and I like how it’s similar to homecoming.”