Winter Guard returns to the stage


Provided by Elizabeth Allphin

Winter Guard returns to the National Texas Colorguard Association stage Saturday, under the theme Gargoyles. For many, the competition will be the first Winter Guard performance and an opportunity to show off new skills.

Shannon Christian, Staff Reporter

Winter Guard returns to the National Texas Colorguard Association stage Saturday at Rowlett High School to display their choreography for this year’s Winter Guard season with the Redhawks bringing two teams: varsity and JV. 

“For many of our members, this competition is the first Winter Guard experience and performance in front of an audience,” senior Laurel Moncada said. “This season’s competition is different because as a senior, I’m finally able to maximize my skills that I’ve learned over the years.”

New choreography and building their own props has led to a new vibe for this year’s performance. 

“Our show is very ecstatic and cheery unlike past shows,” Moncada said. “This challenge has pushed us to step outside of our comfort zones with our performance and energy in order to carry this show to its full potential.”

With the competition less than a day away, the team is looking forward to showcasing their work. 

“I’m really excited about this year’s show because it’s really exciting. Last year our show was more slow paced, so I’m really going to enjoy a different kind of show,” junior Caroline Wolfe said. “I really like winter season because it’s more focused on us, so I think it’ll be nice.”