Collin College drop deadline is Monday


Nick Young

Collin College classes end Thursday, meaning students who take Dual Credit classes are no longer in session for the remainder of the academic semester. Students also have a chance to learn more about Dual Credit during advisory on Thursday.

Jordan Battey, Social Media Manager

Collin College’s drop deadline for the Spring 2023 semester is Monday at 5 p.m., an opportunity that may be beneficial for some students according to Collin Counselor Cher’ron Jones.

“After registering for a class, a student may decide that they do not want or need a class for diverse reasons,” Jones said. “These can alter multiple facets of an institution, so a drop/withdrawal deadline creates a structure for the college to manage the various entities that may be affected; such as students’ financial aid award, the number of students in a class, state funding, and more.”

However, Jones doesn’t think this is a decision that should be taken lightly. 

“Students must give great consideration when choosing their courses to avoid dropping as much as possible,” Jones said. “There are instances when students must do so. For example, a conflict in the student’s personal schedule, not passing the class, and an overwhelming workload are all reasons to consider dropping.”

Senior Piper Dixon isn’t planning to drop any classes, but she sees the value in the opportunity. 

“Collin can be a little more work in comparison to high school courses and it is harder to meet with your teachers for help,” Dixon said. “I think it benefits students because if they realize it is not something that’s for them it allows them to drop with little to no long term effects.”