Breaking News (updated): School canceled through Friday


Frisco ISD

Frisco ISD announced on Monday that all schools and offices will be closed Tuesday due to the forecast calling for snow and ice.

Harley Classe, Editor-In-Chief

Due to freezing rain and ice on the roadways, on Monday evening Frisco ISD cancelled school Tuesday. At 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, the district announced the closure will continue through Wednesday which was later extended through Thursday and Friday.

When looking at whether or not to cancel school, the district follows several guidelines.

“We are in constant communication with the National Weather Services and area emergency management officials,” Kirchhoff said. “When a threat of severe winter weather exists, Frisco ISD consults with the National Weather Service to stay abreast of changing conditions and any potential impact to school operations.”

Although quickly changing weather leaves some apprehensive, FISD makes attempts to put some nerves at rest with promises of final decisions about school closures to be made by a certain time each morning.

“During and after a weather event, FISD coordinates closely with the City of Frisco and other area emergency management officials to determine the status of local road conditions,” Kirchhoff said. “This information is used to make a final decision about whether to open schools no later than 5:30 a.m. each school day.”

While half-days may seem like the right solution to the problem, calling the day early could leave students without a way home.

“The normal procedure in the District is to keep campuses open for the full school day once classes are in session, since an early closure may pose problems for families and leave students without adequate supervision,” Kirchhoff said.

Whether or not FISD chooses to close campuses, it is ultimately a parent or guardian’s choice whether or not to send their child.

“Even if schools are open, parents are the ultimate decision makers regarding whether to send their students to school or pick them up early when weather is a concern,” Kirchhoff said. “Any absences on a school day should be reported via the ‘Report an Absence’ tab on each campus website.”

More information about weather-related closings in Frisco ISD is available on the district website.