Boys’ basketball soars over the Trail Blazers


Liberty Yearbook Manal

The boys’ basketball team beat Lebanon Trail 80-56 on Friday at The Nest. The win holds the team’s first place rank in District 10-5A, and brings their record to 7-1.

Vaughn Perez, Sports Reporter

The boys’ basketball team defended the Nest on Friday against Lebanon Trail High School, beating the Trail Blazers for the second time this year, winning 80-56, and moving their District 10-5A record to 7-1.

“The boys played well, it was a game we were supposed to win and that’s what they did, went out there and won the game,” head coach Stephen Friar said. “We played our game and we played it well, making sure our fundamentals were down and we executed well, not giving them any chance to catch up.”

A big part of the Redhawk’s success according to freshman Gibert Aluga is teamwork, and it’s something that the boys have been focusing on during practice.

“Teamwork has been extremely vital this whole season, something that our coaches have instilled in us since day one,” he said. “A lot of our games can come down to who has the better traditional offense, sharing the ball, making good passes, and good to have that solid foundation.”