Winter Guard will fly high at Frisco Flag Night

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

Flags will fly high as Winter Guard performs at Frisco Flag Night at Emerson High School Saturday.

“I am really excited for Frisco Flag night because I will get to see a lot of friends from other schools and a lot of my friends and family will be able to attend,” captain, senior Elizabeth Allphin said. “I think because it’s not a competition it will be a lot less stressful as competitions. And it will be just a night to support each other and really perform.”

This event is organized by Frisco ISD fine arts and all 12 high school Winter Guards in the district will get the opportunity to perform. JV Winter Guard will be performing at 5:50 p.m. and varsity Winter Guard will be performing at 7:20 p.m.

“I’d say just the amount of choreography we’re learning has been really challenging, so I know that I know a lot of us are a little nervous about performing the show,” sophomore Kris Jensen said. “I think just running the show over and over again together will really help us to overcome this hurdle.”

To Winter Guard director Eric Mills, an advantage about Frisco Flag Night is its location.

“I think the coolest thing about Frisco Flag Night is that it’s local,” Mills said. “So in a lot of years in the past kids will invite their teachers, friends, and family member, who normally wouldn’t be able to make it to a normal competition. So it gives the students an opportunity to perform for their friends and family.”

Allphin believes that this event will help Winter Guard prepare for future competitions.

“I think Frisco Flag Night will help us because we are going to be debuting our costumes at the event,” Allphin said. “So it will be our first performance wearing them and it will help get us used to performing in them.”