Aspiring to inspire: Debate I students host rotary competition


Yael Even

Debate students are practicing rotary speeches and are tasked with writing an inspirational speech over a topic of their choice. The winning speeches will be entered in the Plano Rotary Competition.

Neha Ramachandran, Staff Reporter

Debate I classes are exploring rotary speeches by hosting an inter-class competition with students tasked with writing an inspirational speech on a societal issue and presenting it. The top speeches are then to be entered into the Plano Rotary Club Competition

“By researching their Rotary Speech topics and presenting them, I am hoping that students gain more knowledge on their topic as well as a sense of vocal delivery and effective body language,” Debate I teacher Michelle Porter said. 

These inspirational speeches give freshman Mahi Kosuri the opportunity to motivate people to take action, overcome challenges, and pursue their goals. 

“I believe that by researching issues and listening to inspirational topics through these rotary speeches, we have a chance to talk about something that we are passionate about and we also have the chance to learn about pertinent issues,” Kosuri said. 

Many students aimed to evoke strong emotions and a desire for change with their speech. 

“I wanted to invoke urgency when I spoke about my social issue because I wanted to make people aware of the problem,” freshman Adelaide O’Hara said. “I think the best part of doing these rotary speeches is that as a class we not only researching our selected topic but also learning about so many other issues”

Porter looks forward to making use of this opportunity to learn more about her students through their speeches. 

“I truly enjoy listening to how students make connections within their topics,” Porter said. “Many students use personal anecdotes to further explain, and it is a joy to hear them speak so freely and emotionally.”