Y&G competes on the Floor of the Texas Capitol


Provided by Sadhana Dharmireddy

Youth and Government sent a small group of delegates to the Texas Capitol this weekend for the state competition. Four delegates brought home awards and multiple others received recognition.

Neha Ramachandran, Staff Reporter

Youth and Government participated in the annual state competition this weekend at the Texas Capitol, with four delegates bringing home awards and multiple others receiving recognition and gaining special opportunities.

“The highlight of Youth and Government for me is watching students compete on the floor of the Texas Capitol,” club sponsor Sarah Wiseman said. “It’s amazing to see their hard work and dedication pay off and for them to be rewarded with an experience of their lifetime.”

Club president senior Sadhana Dharmireddy thinks her experiences in the club have helped her become a more engaged citizen.

“YG has definitely taught me how to be aware of things that go on in our country,” Dharmireddy said. “I learned about so many new problems that didn’t even affect me, so now, I see the US as it is a community full of different people, and Youth and Government has helped me be a more cognizant citizen.”

Getting the opportunity to listen to multiple perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of various creative and innovative proposals is something sophomore Adriana Sun appreciated.

“You get to hear everyone’s opinion and oftentimes they come up with something you’d never think of,” Sun said. “For example, this year, we had a bill about feet, someone had the idea for an amendment to include prosthetic feet in the bill.”

For Wiseman, the group of delegates this year not only out-performed themselves but also embodied the principles of Youth and Government.

“I want all delegates to know how thankful I am for their commitment to the core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility and that they really were outstanding students and it was a pleasure to be with them all weekend,” Wiseman said.