Superintendent Advisory Board takes on the Capitol

Caroline Caruso, Editor-In-Chief

In the midst of the the 88th Legislative session, student delegates from Frisco ISD’s Superintendent’s Advisory Board headed to the Capitol building in Austin Tuesday to meet with several state Senators and Representatives. 

“This is one of my favorite things to do because it really introduces [students] to our state government and helps involve them in the process and I think it’s so important for them to learn,” Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip said. “Student voice is very important to me, which is why we have the Student Advisory in the first place. But I want our legislators to understand that [student] voice should be just as important to them as the adult voices.”

Utilizing research taken over previous months, students on the board were able to share their thoughts on a bill they had discovered, some even pitching their own to the legislatures. 

“My bill, HB 1942, was about sports betting in the state of Texas [which I chose] because I want to get involved in this personally,” Heritage HS senior Brandon Andrzejewski said. “I think it’s about time for Texas to start legalizing sports betting along with the rest of the nation, as we’re seeing a change from criminalization to legalization [in other states].”

For Independence HS senior Lauren Lazar, the experience helped her to learn more about her state legislatures and gave her time to talk with FISD officials and fellow student delegates in between the day’s activities. 

“I’m super excited to be given this opportunity to learn more about our state and learn more about our legislatures and the impact they make on our community and Frisco ISD specifically,” Lazar said. “I am super excited to have this opportunity, and to be surrounded by peers who care just as much about our school district. I think it’s an amazing opportunity that we can say we are definitely going to make the most of and use to our advantage following the information we learned and carrying on.”

Trip coordinator and Chief Technology Officer Cheryl McDonald believes the trip has become a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many students. 

“When I was little my dad took me here just to learn the process,” McDonald said. “For me, just to [see students] do the same [is so fulfilling] because not everyone’s going to get to come to Austin every 2 years and so I think it’s really important to know how bills become laws and for our kids to see how that works.”