Statistics students walk campus in search of an answer

New interactive project means campus-wide participation


Wingspan Staff

Students across campus will be able to participate in a variety of experiments with statistics students, which will be taken to collect data for a new project in the class.

Rose Lastovica, Staff Reporter

Statistics classes are in the midst of a new interactive project that will take them around campus. Throughout the week student volunteers will be selected to participate as samples in the variety of experiments that statistics students were assigned to conduct. 

“I’ve really enjoyed exploring different parts of statistics with this project,” senior Natalie Wilson said. “I get to see the real-life applications, obviously simplified for us, but I get the overall idea.”

The students took to the halls to get 30 random samples of data for the experiment, which would be the basis for the entire project. 

“I like getting to interact with different people across campus and see the human parts of statistical analysis,” Wilson said. “It was honestly a really fun experiment and now we get to crunch the numbers.”

The statistics experiments will give students an overview of what conducting a real-life investigation would amount to.  

“So the importance of this project is based on a small sample and how confident can we be that the majority of people can do the certain task right,” statistics teacher Stephen Rotan said. “It shows us, based on a little bit of data we can get, a good guess as to what the overall population would do.”

The students will gain further knowledge on generalized math, as there are various components of the project that help build basic life skills. 

“It’ll help students understand relationships in math, like how to manipulate numbers and move things around, it’s more about an extension of math they already know and then using them in real life circumstances,” Rotan said. “It will teach them how to do what they want in the real world.”