ISM students showcase their work at The Star


photo via @LHSRedhawks twitter

Students in Independent Study and Mentorship are hosting their Final Presentation Night on Tuesday. The presentation is a culmination of the student’s work throughout the year.

Christine Han, Staff Reporter

Independent Study and Mentorship students are presenting their work product to the public  Thursday at The Star. 

“The Research Showcase is an event that shows the students’ work from fall all the way through the spring with the help of a mentor,” ISM teacher Heather Whitcomb said. “The students take all their research from the fall, get with a mentor in the spring, and they apply it to a final product.”

In addition to presenting his work, junior Aaron Xu is looking forward to see the work of other students. 

“I hope to show off my original work and also talk about my final product,” Xu said. “It’s nice to use the showcase as a platform to show what I’ve done while also seeing the work of peers.” 

Meanwhile, senior Vishnu Vasudev has been looking forward to this showcase all year. 

“I wrote a provisional patent application for a floor cleaning device I invented, and I intend to present my work and show people how interesting inventing can be,” Vasudev said. “As an ISM II student, my favorite part of the showcase last year and what I look forward to this year is getting random strangers excited about something I find cool.” 

While researching and putting together a final product may have been hard, Whitcomb believes it will be worth it. 

“It’s an incredible event that allows students to really showcase how much knowledge they have about their specific career fields and what they want to go into,” Whitcomb said.