Baseball falls on the road


Courtesy of Caden Wartluft

The Redhawks baseball team faced the Trail Blazers on Wednesday after a rescheduled game. They fell to Lebanon Trail 2-9, but are looking for improvement when they face them again on Friday.

Vaughn Perez, Sports Reporter

Baseball took on Lebanon Trail on the road Wednesday night after it was rescheduled, but the Redhawks were unable to find the win, losing 9-2 to the Trail Blazers, moving their District 10-5A record to 2-1.

“The boys played alright last night, we weren’t at our full potential and there are definitely some things to improve on before heading into the rematch against LT on Friday, but we move on and get ready for that game,” head coach Scott McGarrh said. “LT had a lot of hard hitters when they came to bat, and our pitchers weren’t able to contain them, but that’s something they’ll get better at.”

Facing the Trail Blazers again on Friday, the team is jumping back into practice to work on what didn’t go right Tuesday.

“Looking back at the game and reviewing it, we have to try to capitalize on offense, try to get any good hits off what they throw at us, which we’re capable of, but couldn’t get it rolling yesterday” junior Ian Garza said. “We were pretty solid on defense, they tried a couple of times to steal bases on us, but we contained them as much as we could and we’ll be prepared if they try that again next game.”