Dual Credit registration open for 23-24 school year


Nick Young

Collin College classes end Thursday, meaning students who take Dual Credit classes are no longer in session for the remainder of the academic semester. Students also have a chance to learn more about Dual Credit during advisory on Thursday.

Neha Ramachandran, Staff Reporter

Collin College Dual Credit Spring 2023 Schedule & Registration for Summer and Fall 2023 Dual Credit registration is now open. Interested students should visit the Collin College dual credit website for more information. 

Those already in a Dual Credit class right now should register as a “Returning Dual Credit Student,” according to the district site.  

According to senior Ishayu Gupta, enrolling in the dual credit program offers a variety of benefits to students. 

“The benefits of dual credit include being able to take a class only 2 times a week and ensuring a college credit without having to take an exam at the end,” Gupta said. “Additionally, this saves dual credit students lots of money in college, as we don’t have to take the more expensive university classes in comparison to the community college costs.”

When it comes to advice, senior Arya Patil has tips on what to pay attention to. 

“One piece of advice I would give dual credit students is to take the classes seriously, as they are still college level courses,” Patil said. “I would also advise them to be careful of scheduling as it can be tricky with Collin College.”