An un-bear-ably funny comedy thriller: Cocaine Bear


Universal Studios

This comedy thriller, Cocaine Bear, inspired by a true drug deal gone wrong, has gotten mixed reviews. Although the acting is poor, the movie still provided a fast paced, exciting plot.

Ashlyn Walker, Guest Contributor

This movie seems to have a love/hate relationship from all watchers. With a mix of thrill and comedy, Cocaine Bear (directed by Elizabeth Banks) became a popular topic in little to no time. Although Cocaine Bear is inspired by a true 1985 drug deal gone wrong, the movie was altered to the point where it doesn’t really show the real story. 

In 1985, a drug runner threw bags of cocaine out of a plane for the dealers to find and deliver. It all went wrong when a 200-pound black bear found the cocaine first and decided to dive right in. As you can probably guess, black bears and cocaine aren’t exactly a good mix. 

In the movie, teens Dee Dee (Brooklynn Prince) and Henry (Christian Convery) are one of the first to have a run-in with the bear, and from that moment, more and more tragic incidents follow. The whole movie has viewers on the edge of their seats, waiting for what would happen next, and no one could have predicted what they were about to see. 

Kari Russle (Sari), Alden Ehrenreich (Eddie), and O’shea Jackson Jr (Daveed) did an amazing job in this movie, and they brought the movie to life. Kari plays the mom of Dee Dee, and thanks to her mom instincts, she is able to protect her daughter and Henry through everything. Eddie and Daveed are the drug dealers who didn’t really have a say on if they wanted to deal the drugs or not. Once they entered the job, they couldn’t leave, and they definitely paid the consequences. 

Many people don’t like this movie because the acting isn’t the best and is kind of childish. Although this may be true, it still has a great plot, and there was never a dull moment. It was a very fast movie, so it was impossible to get bored, and on many occasions, the theater was full of laughter. 

Cocaine Bear isn’t a movie to be taken seriously. This movie has more comedy than anything else, so it makes up for all the gruesome parts. If you don’t like gruesome things, definitely do not watch this movie because the directors were not afraid to show blood and guts. If you like rated-R thriller movies and need a good laugh, this movie is perfect for you.