Featured Athlete: Madison Brown


Provided by Madison Brown

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 3/30 is varsity track athlete Madison Brown.

Wingspan: How did you get started in track? 

Brown: “I’ve liked to run since I was little because it brought me joy and something to do to stay active.” 

Wingspan: What are you looking forward to most this season? 

Brown: “I’m excited to get to run with my friends and hopefully get a new personal record.” 

Wingspan: What does a normal training day look like for you? 

Brown: “I focus on pushing myself to be the best so I come in an hour before practice to get some extra work in, then I do our dynamic warmup with the team and then we do our specials which is when you work on specific drills catered to whatever event you do.”

I’ve liked to run since I was little because it brought me joy and something to do to stay active,

— junior Madison Brown

Wingspan: Since our track team has won state in the past, how does the pressure of that affect you and your team? 

Brown: “It kinda does put a lot of pressure on us but we try our best to accomplish whatever we can because atleast we know we tried.” 

Wingspan: Who has been your biggest motivator? 

Brown: “Probably Coach Vay because she really helps me want to reach my full potential.” 

Wingspan: If you had to give advice to someone looking to join track, what would that be? 

Brown: “I would say it is so important to make sure you’re training your body and to target the muscle groups that are going to help you and you also have to motivate yourself every day to do more than the next athlete.”

Wingspan: Do you have any pre meet rituals? 

Brown: “I pray before every meet and make sure I drink water and eat a piece of fruit.”