Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? She’s in Arlington.


provided by Sherry Hu

Taylor Swift fans across the country and on campus spent hours on Ticketmaster and SeatGeek waiting to get tickets for her tour, and it’s finally here. Taylor Swift is finally headed to AT&T Stadium in Arlington Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the ‘Eras’ Tour

Athena Tseng, Editor-In-Chief

After hours refreshing Ticketmaster, and hundreds of dollars spent on tickets, Taylor Swift is finally headed to AT&T Stadium in Arlington Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the ‘Eras’ Tour.

“I had my mom get in and wait it out to get me a few tickets,” senior Jiya Surywanshi said. “The line was really long and it took up maybe half the day.”

For many Taylor Swift fans, it took a long time to get these tickets.

“It was pretty stressful because the website was glitching and she kept getting kicked out the cue, but we got in eventually,” junior Anushka Diwivedi said.

However, their hard work for tickets paid off as all three shows are sold-out, a total of approximately 240,000 tickets. 

“I’m most excited about having a good time with my friends and listening to our fav T Swift songs,” Surywanshi said. “I’m also excited to see what the surprise songs will be.”

Although some fans may not love every album, they are elated to see the critically acclaimed show.

I haven’t really liked the past few albums, but since she said it’s the eras of Taylor Swift, we want to see all of Taylor, especially the old Taylor,” teacher Julia Ridgway said. “She does a great presentation of every song and really puts a lot of effort into her sets and all the pyrotechnics and fire and it’s just really entertaining.”

In addition to what’s expected by fans to be an entertaining show, the nostalgia factor is also playing a big role. 

“She’s just really iconic,” Surywanshi said. “I’ve been listening to her since I was young and it associates with childhood memories and it’ll be great reliving some of it during the concert.”