Featured Athlete: Jossiah Lewis


Provided by Jossiah Lewis

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 4/6 is varsity track athlete Jossiah Lewis.

Wingspan: How did you start running track? 

Lewis: “I started running track because I was always a fast kid and liked to run.”

Wingspan: Who has been your biggest motivator? 

Lewis: “My biggest motivator has been either Coach Vay or Coach Gregory because they both play a big part in my track career, also Coach Morton.” 

Wingspan: How has running track impacted your life? 

Lewis: “Running track has impacted my life a lot because it’s just showed me that I can have a future in this and do a sport in college.”

You just have to push through and keep your head up while you do both,

— Jossiah Lewis

Wingspan: Do you have any pre meet rituals?

Lewis: “Not really but I always gotta eat some fruit snacks.”

Wingspan: How do you manage to train daily and keep up with school? 

Lewis: “Honestly I don’t know, it’s a lot and very tiring but you just have to push through and keep your head up while you do both, knowing you have something that will benefit you at the end of it.”

Wingspan: What are you most excited for in districts?

Lewis: “To go out and try to win districts because this would be the 3rd time I’ve won it.”

Wingspan: What is the hardest part about track? 

Lewis: “The conditioning by far especially when it’s hot outside because it’s just a lot of work but at the end of the day it’s helping you.”