End of year surveys for students, parents, and staff


Mady Daddario

The district is asking families and staff to fill out end-of-year surveys. Seniors will fill out the form during advisory on Friday.

Shannon Christian, Staff Reporter

Before leaving The Nest, seniors will be completing an end of year survey during their advisory period on Friday. This survey allows seniors to share their post-high school plans whether that entails attending university, joining the workforce, or even enlisting in the military. 

The survey itself takes no longer than 5-10 minutes and will be offered to all students to take, collecting information about their high school experiences and plans for the future. 

For parents and staff, a separate survey will be available to complete during the window of April 12-26. This district-wide survey aims to gather honest opinions, attitudes and perceptions about Frisco ISD and campuses to identify improvement in planning processes across the District.

All responses for parents, staff, and students are strictly confidential and final reports will only include overall results.