Family Science Night booths are out of this world


Provided by Chris Ham

Family Science Night is taking place Thursday night, and it is outer space themed. It’s an opportunity for high school students to showcase their learning in a creative and engaging way to elementary and middle schoolers.

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

From booths with glow in the dark slime to inflatable bowling pins, the science department is combining both learning and fun Thursday night at their annual Family Science Night from 5-7 p.m.

“Family Science Night is where the students teach one science concept that they’ve learned throughout their time at Liberty High School, to elementary and middle school kids within our district,” AP science and AP research teacher Dr. Chris Ham said. “So future Redhawks are able to learn and experience what high school is like, meet some of the high school students, and they get to learn a little bit some science.”

This year’s Family Science Night theme is space and students have been able to choose from a variety of different topics for their booths.

“So my group’s booth is like a variation between the two concepts: the solar system and photosynthesis,” senior Anaya Garg said. “So basically, it’s going to be a blending of how the solar system or the distance of the plants from the sun affects the rate of light or affects the existence of life on each planet. For our booth, we’re going to have light bulbs set out to represent the sun and glow in the dark slime to help teach the kids about our topic.”

The night will include fun for both the kids attending and the students organizing.

“I think for Family Science Night  I’m most excited to see all the kids like learning about different topics and just seeing them smile and having fun with all the activities that are planned,” senior Lilya Ma said.

Ham believes that this event benefits both students and the surrounding community.

“This event benefits almost everyone involved,” Ham said. “This event is a benefit to students because it gives them an opportunity to teach something and if you can teach something that means you understand it really well. The teachers benefit because we get to show the community how amazing our students at Liberty are. And then the kids that we invite by learning things and they benefit by getting cool stuff, door prizes, candies.”