Featured Athlete: Sydni Wilkins


Provided by Sydni Wilkins

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 4/27 is varsity track runner junior Sydni Wilkins.

Wingspan: How did you start running track? 

Wilkins: “I started track this year to see how I could improve my speed and strength because cross country and track usually go together and at the time I was running cross country.”

Wingspan: What are you most excited for in regionals?

Wilkins: “I am most excited about the competition because this year we have had some fast meets but nothing this competitive. It will be interesting to see how running with such fast girls pushes me.”

It will be interesting to see how running with such fast girls pushes me,

— junior Sydni Wilkins

Wingspan: What is different about running cross country and running track? Which do you like more? 

Wilkins: “Cross country training is more mileage and endurance based while track is focused on speed and pace work. I prefer cross country because I enjoy the longer workouts compared to short and fast ones.”

Wingspan: Who has been your biggest motivator? 

Wilkins: “My biggest motivators have been my parents and Coach Vay. Since this is my first year in track I had no expectations for my season. My parents constantly encouraged me at every meet, and Coach Vay continuously pushed me at every hard practice.”

Wingspan: How has running track impacted your life? 

Wilkins: “Track has impacted my life because it has physically and mentally pushed me. Many of our workouts are at uncomfortably fast paces, so it takes a lot every morning to mentally push yourself.”

Wingspan: Do you have any pre meet superstitions? 

Wilkins: “Every race I wear my hair in a high braided ponytail with pink pre-wrap. I also listen to music while I warm up.”