Breaking News: Frisco Fair cancelled amidst public safety concern


Megan Ward

After receiving multiple calls that required 26 Frisco police officers approximately two hours to resolve, the city of Frisco revoked the special permit for the Frisco Fair and shutting the operation down immediately. The fair opened on April 28 and was scheduled to run through May 14.

Wingspan Staff

The spinning of the giant ferris wheel just off Main Street in the Railyard District has stopped and will not be starting back up anytime soon after the city of Frisco announced on Monday that the special event permit for the Frisco Fair has been revoked “effective immediately”.

According to a news release posted on the city’s website, the decision was based on several factors including multiple calls regarding fights, arguments, gunshots, and other disruptive behavior that required 26 Frisco police officers approximately two hours to resolve.

“The city of Frisco’s decision is based on assessment of events occurring at the Frisco Fair on April 29 which required the response of 26 officers, that ‘…would present an unreasonable danger to the health or safety of the organizer, other users of the venue, city employees or the public…’ as noted in the Special Event Ordinance 19-07-59,'” the city stated in its news release.

However, according to a tweet sent out by the FPD, “no arrests were made as a result of these calls, nor any known gunshot victims.”

Opening on April 28, the Frisco Fair was scheduled to be open through May 14.