Cinema Summaries: Ghosted


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Guest contributer Ashlyn Walker reviews Ghosted, a movie full of romance, action, and comedy. Although the plot of Ghosted isn’t the most unique, it still provides an entertaining storyline.

Ashlyn Walker, Guest Contributor

Filled with romance, action, and comedy, Ghosted is a must-see movie for all teens and adults, with many great actors and writers coming together to create this movie that did not disappoint. 

Cole Tuner (Chris Evans) is an average farmer who meets a mysterious girl, Sadie Rhodes (Ana de Armas). Cole thinks he has met “the one” and that he truly understands her, but what he soon finds out is that Sadie hasn’t been entirely truthful as to who she really is. 

The amazing actors made the movie very enjoyable and realistic. There are a few moments in the movie where the actors’ talent slips but for the most part, they did an amazing job. The writers/directors created a perfect balance of action and romance, so this movie could be seen as a romance movie in disguise. 

An international adventure that Cole thinks would be a romantic gesture ends up with him kidnapped and taken for another identity. Luckily for him, he was rescued, but what he did not expect was that he would be rescued by Sadie. The truth comes out, and Cole learns who Sadie really is. Although they didn’t exactly meet in good circumstances, the mission brought them closer together. They worked well together to bring down the enemy and decide that they will be a good team moving forwards. 

Ghosted isn’t exactly a very unique movie, but it still is entertaining. It follows the same good-guy/bad-guy format that a lot of movies recently have had, but the romance makes it unique and different from the others. The quality of the movie also makes it easier to enjoy since it makes it almost seem as if you are watching the action happen in real life. 

I highly recommend Ghosted to teens and adults because it is entertaining and guaranteed to make you laugh. It is a very easy movie to follow, so it isn’t made for a high age range.