All grades due on Tuesday


Roy Nitzan

Grades for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are due on Tuesday. The school year will come to a close on Friday.

Christine Han, Staff Reporter

All grades for freshman, sophomores, and juniors are due Tuesday as the school year comes to a close on Friday. 

“I still had a chemistry test and an English presentation on the day before grades were due,” sophomore Angie Fei said. “All of my other classes were done but we still had major grades that were important so it was hard to relax and enjoy the last few days of school.” 

Senior grades were due May 8, but there were still some stressful times for members of the class of 2023. 

“I have good grades so I was not worried about the deadline at all,” senior Piper Dickson said. “The only thing I was really worried about was for my Dual Credit Classes just because they transfer over to the college I’m going to, so other than that I feel good.”

It’s not just students who have to worry about grades, it’s the teachers entering grades as well. However, for English teacher, David Volkmar, it’s no stress at all. 

“Although my English 2 students had a project until the day grades were due, I’m not stressed about entering the grades,” Volkmar said. “I’ve been entering grades as they’ve been presenting so I’ve got a good handle on everything and all of the students do as well.”