Videogame Volumes: Ghost of Tabor


Vaughn Perez

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Ahmad Lafi, Guest Contributor

Ghost of Tabor is a VR game made by Combat Waffle Studios and is heavily inspired by another game called Escape from Tarkov.

Ghost of Tabor is still in its beta version so a lot of things mentioned may be subject to change, but for now, here are just a few of the reasons why Ghost of Tabor is so great

Gameplay: players go on raids where you and other players have to loot and evacuate before the time limit while fighting each other and AI enemies along the way. While doing this you have to keep an eye out for your health: both hunger, and thirst. You can find food and water to refill the meters.

Multiplayer: this game is fun thanks to the proximity chat so you can hear each other’s voices. You can also invite friends to your squad so they can be in the same lobby as you and playing this game with friends makes it a million times better than such a blast. 

Maps: since it has only two maps but the two maps are quite big I was surprised when playing for the first time there were just so many things to do and explore.

Ghost of Tabor is a really great game that can be found in the Steam store and on the Meta Quest store do keep in mind this is a VR game so you will need a VR headset to play it.