Memorial hosts Special Olympics Wednesday

The Special Olympics gives SpEd students the chance to compete with other students with varying disabilities.

The Special Olympics gives SpEd students the chance to compete with other students’ with varying disabilities.

Olivia Kirklin, Staff Reporter

For the third straight year, the school will be represented at the Special Olympics Wednesday at Memorial Stadium.

“The ten students going will be competing in track and field, specifically the 50 and 100 meter dash and softball throw,” teacher Caryn Teeling said. “I think we’re all probably most excited about the Fun Zone afterwards, where we can eat popsicles and play games.”

Students practice for all events, but have been focusing on track in hopes to receive a ribbon.

“We’ve been practicing each week,” Teeling said. “There are ribbons for up to third place and all the seniors are honored with a medal after a parade.”

Special Olympics is more than a way for students to fit in their workouts; it helps them feel included and can boost confidence.

“It gives them a way to compete and stretch themselves to obtain a goal,” parent Melanie Amundson said. “The athletes get excited to hear their name from the crowd and to be able to cross a finish line.”

For the competitors, the day away from school gives them the opportunity to socialize and enjoy themselves around a new crowd of people.

“I like it because I get to spend time with my friends and the volunteers,” student Luke Amundson said. “I like that I get to go home early after too, it just makes me happy.”