Opinion: The biggest lie of the summer


Henry Youtt

Students often make plans to stay in touch over the summer despite many not holding that commitment.

Megan Lin, Guest Contributor

As the school year comes to an end, people are looking forward to their summer activities. However, there’s one thing that everyone says on the last day of school:

“Text me over the summer!”

This one statement can spark quite a lot of anger from some people who strongly believe that staying connected over summer vacation is vital to a friendship. Many of these people, despite making promises to keep in touch, believe that no one ever actually does text each other during the summer which leads to disappointment.

Everyone has their own vacations to take with their family, and everyone needs to bond with the people that they normally can’t during the busy school year. Sure, it makes sense to stay in touch and talk once a week during summer, but no one can devote their entire vacation to talking to their school friends.

School friends see each other for the majority of the year, five days a week, seven hours a day. For some people, it’s a nice break to briefly stop talking to their classmates over the summer. I’m pretty sure most of us would get sick of each other if we talked all year long.

If you’re truly in need of talking to your friends over the summer, then set up a system with them. Communicate and find out what their plans are so you won’t misunderstand them not texting back as ignoring you or breaking the promise of “texting over the summer.”

And the truth is, if your friendships are important to both people, you shouldn’t have to worry about distance or time eroding your relationships. If anything, taking a break from each other would make all of us come back to school better than ever before.