Team gets inside look at The Star

Maddie Owens

Maddie Owens, WTV Executive Producer

The football team takes to the field for the first time at The Star on Saturday, but this won’t be their first time stepping foot in the Ford Center. Last week, players toured everything from the field to the locker rooms and saw just how different The Star is from other stadiums.

“The Star might be quite impressive on the outside, but it’s just a 100 yard field at the end of the day,” junior Carson Morris said.

While the size might be a plus in terms of fitting more fans, senior Scott Trautman it also comes with some drawbacks.

“While we were touring The Star, our main focus was mostly how big it was and how we are going to have to get used to playing in front of a lot of people,” Trautman said. “The Star is a lot nice of a facility, it’s got a lot more distractions while you playing, there’s a lot of stuff going on around you.”

Morris says that the football team still focuses on one thing.

“The size of the audience will definitely bring a lot more noise,” Morris said. “We just need to do what we do best.”