Special school board session Tuesday

Maddie Owens

Keegan Williams, Sports Editor

Normally the board of trustees meets on the second Monday of each month, but they have scheduled a special session next week to talk about the results of last Saturday’s Tax Ratification Election. On Tuesday, from 6-8 p.m., the board will meet to talk about what’s next for the district, including proposed savings for this year as well as the budget for 2017-18.

Leading up the TRE, the school district put a list on its site of where budget cuts might from if the TRE didn’t pass and that will be the starting point for the 2017-18 budget.

“We put a list out there and that list has some enormous items in terms of cost savings,” Frisco ISD Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Lyon said. “For instance, not opening the four schools that we’re building right now, that’s an option but there’s no decision made on that yet. I want to be really clear about that. That list is a good look-in on maybe some ideas and options and so in the coming months, we’re going to take that list, we’re going to work with the school board, work with the community, and come up with what those cuts and what those priorities are for the district and then implement them the following year.”