Opinion: cross country deserves more

Varsity boys in a pregame huddle before their District 13-5A meet on Thursday.

Maddie Owens

Varsity boys in a pregame huddle before their District 13-5A meet on Thursday.

Cathryn Reeves, Guest Contributor

With the varsity girls’ team being repetitively consistent with first place finishes and varsity boys’ improving personal records each week, cross country is well on its way to end the season with a bang. On Thursday, both the girls’ and boys’ team advanced to the regional meet with the girls’ team winning the District 13-5A championship and the boys’ team finishing second. Do well at the regional meet and both the teams and individuals will have a chance to qualify for state.

With football games each week and volleyball season at a high, cross country is often forgotten in the madness of high school sports. Most of the student body is uninformed about the sport and doesn’t pay much attention to the team. The majority of our school is aware of cross country but gets caught up in the midst of other sports occurring simultaneously.

The chaotic schedule requirements for cross country meets is part of the problem as the regular start time for a cross country meet is close to 8:00 a.m. With the location of each competition often outside of Frisco, it is accepted that students from campus aren’t going to be there to support the team as waking up at 7:00 a.m. is not an ideal time for any student.

While it is unrealistic for this team to be talked about as much as the varsity football team, more people should be aware of the cross country runners and the success they earn. The cross country team is a hardworking group of athletes that have the mindset to achieve and prosper in their sport. If the school gets more involved and informed about the success of the cross country team, it will greatly boost these individuals confidence as they run their hardest to achieve a new record for themselves.