Humanities students take in the opera

To help launch a unit on upcoming unit called

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To help launch a unit on upcoming unit called "Up Close and Personal" more than 60 students attended the Dallas Opera for a performance of Tchaikovsky’s "Eugene Onegin".

Lucas Barr, Guest Contributor

More than 60 Humanities students took a trip to the Winspear Opera House Tuesday night to watch one of Tchaikovsky’s operas, Eugene Onegin.

“I thought the music the orchestra played was beautiful,” freshman Jessie Rho said. “The set was amazing and added a great effect to the performance.”

For most of the students who attended, it was the first opera they had ever seen.

“The sets in the different scenes were very well done and the actors’ singing and the music was good,” freshman Kunal Dhawan said. “I think the actor playing Lenski really stood out. For me, it was nice to see an opera for the first time.”

“The opera turned out to be longer than I thought, but it was really cool,” freshman Ian Wang said. “I had never been to an opera until now so it was pretty interesting. I’m glad I went.”

Most of the students were amazed by the different sets and music in the opera.

“I wound up liking the opera more than I thought it would,” freshman Jamal Jabbar said. “The translations they had projected above the stage were helpful to understand what was going on. It was really interesting how the opera was sung in Russian.”

The trip to Dallas for the performance was the launch point for the next unit in Humanities and it was an experience enjoyed by the students.

“The opera trip was great, I loved the costume and set changes,” freshman Christine Le said. “The perspective we got from sitting in the higher zone was cool because we could see into the music pit. Overall, it was an amazing experience and the opera itself was fantastic.”