A frightful night

Kasey Harvey, Guest Contributor

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Halloween is a pointless holiday. People of all ages pass out candy and watch kids run around all dressed up and with smiles on their faces. While that all sounds great, Halloween has many distasteful aspects.

Halloween is not religious and not in honor of anything. Halloween is like a made up holiday; we do not take work or school off but then run around in costumes at night. Most holidays are to honor people or for a religion or an important day in history. Although there is a reason why we celebrate halloween, nobody seems to know what it is.

Then there’s the fact Halloween can be dangerous. Most parents tell their children to not take candy from strangers, but then it’s okay on Halloween?! Anybody can alter the candy to hurt others and Halloween is the perfect time to do it. Because no matter what, children will take candy from whoever and whenever on Halloween. Most of the stories about razor blades in the candy are a myth, but they can happen.

Halloween also gives people an excuse to act stupid. People have the opportunity to get scary costumes and wreak havoc throughout the community. Right now, clowns seem to be the scare of the year which can take Halloween to a whole new level.

Halloween can also make people paranoid. Maybe you’re out trick or treating when you see a black van appear to be following you because it’s driving slowly and stays on your tail. It’s probably just a parent watching their child from the car, but on Halloween people are on edge and that’s when the fright becomes real. It is no fun watching over your shoulder for the remainder of the night.

While Halloween can be fun, the paranoia and frights have ruined the occasion for some. The whole meaning and purpose of the holiday have been forgotten, making people question the point of Halloween, leaving the excitement and joyfulness a thing of the past.