Review: Frisco Rail Yard

Guest contributor Lucas Barr reviews newly opened food truck park Frisco Rail Yard.

Lucas Barr

Guest contributor Lucas Barr reviews newly opened food truck park Frisco Rail Yard.

Lucas Barr, Guest Contributor

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For those looking for a nice spot outdoors to enjoy a snack with friends, or those looking to have a fun night with friends, drinks, and dinner, the newly opened Frisco Rail Yard offers all of this.

Located in the heart of Frisco at the intersection of Main Street and First Street, Frisco Rail Yard is situated, appropriately enough, near the railroad crossing.

A food truck park featuring different trucks every night, Frisco Rail Yard features some of the best local cuisine. 

Frisco Rail Yard is kid friendly, but for those looking for an adult’s only experience, the park is only for those 18 and up on Fridays and Saturdays after 9 p.m. At the moment, dogs are not allowed, although the park is waiting to get permission from the city to permit canine friends.

Of the food trucks, The Caboose is there every night and offers hotdogs, smoky BBQ sliders, cheesy frito pie, as well as ice cream and delicious root beer, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper floats. 5th Street Cafe is also there every night and serves a variety of different food.

Frezko Taco Spot offers authentic and tasty burritos and street tacos. Other food trucks that are sometimes at the Frisco Rail Yard include Snowy Naturals (All Natural Sno-Cones), Not Just Q (BBQ), Easy Sliders, Yummy Spiedie, Sandy Sue’s BBQ, as well as many more.

In addition to food trucks, Frisco Rail Yard has a full service bar with specialty cocktails and features outdoor games, live music and other special events. With local cuisine, local artists performing and its location on Main Street, the Frisco Rail Yard is not just a food truck park, but an inclusive place for the people of Frisco to come together and have a great time.   

For locals looking for an entertaining outdoor experience with a great variety of delicious food along with a welcoming sense of community and fun, Frisco Rail Yard will surely not disappoint.