9 students named to All-State band

Sophomore Richard Huang (left) and Junior Marshall Mixon (right) prepare to practice during a rehearsal.

Kennedy Williams

Sophomore Richard Huang (left) and Junior Marshall Mixon (right) prepare to practice during a rehearsal.

Kennedy Williams, Staff Reporter

Nearly half of the band students advancing to the area band audition have solidified their spot on a TMEA All-State Band that will be rehearsing and performing during the second weekend of February at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio.

“It’s very exciting,” sophomore and 2-time all-state oboist Richard Huang said. “[This outcome] means that my time spent practicing was probably worth it.”

The process for making one of these groups began in mid-September, and these students have prepared hours on end to achieve this feat.

“Making an All-State band means that I have finally accomplished a goal that I have had for myself since middle school band,” junior oboist Marshall Mixon said. “I’m so grateful that my preparation has allowed me to perform with the best band in the state.”

All of these students and the directors will soon attend the TMEA Music Convention in order to perform and receive information from numerous clinics in an effort to help benefit the program in future years.

“In the second week of February, we’ll go to San Antonio and our students will perform in one of the All-State bands,” band director Jamie Weaver. “Really the All-State weekend is kind of like the icing on the cake. It’s a great opportunity for the students, and one can imagine playing for an entire ensemble of that caliber. From this high school perspective, almost anyone can see that these groups will probably be better than most professional groups.”

The following students have made an All-State band and will be performing at the TMEA Convention next month:

6A Oboe – Richard Huang 10
5A Oboe – Marshall Mixon 11
5A Clarinet – Charles Yang 12
5A Clarinet – Alex Yoon 12
5A Clarinet – Jisu Kang 11
5A Bass Clarinet – Daniel Yang 10
5A Trombone – Caitlyn Hazzard 11
Jazz Trumpet – Aaron Stone 12*
Jazz Alto Sax – Nathan Brooks 11*

*TMEA All-State Jazz auditions were held and finalized in October and November of 2016.